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the arena goes dark and he goes under the ring

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in the storyline he was buried alive by his brother Kane

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he snap his fingers and says "disappear"'s logic!

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Q: In your house how did undertaker disappear from coffin?
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Why it is said that undertaker is a deadman?

cause a undertaker is someone who burries a deadperson when they are in a coffin.

What happens when an undertaker seals a coffin?

he wins the coffin match and the person in there gets out when they wheel them off cameras

What does undertaker really mean?

an undertaker is like those people who have something to do with when people die and their coffin and something like that

When was Coffin House created?

Coffin House was created in 1678.

When was Jethro Coffin House created?

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When was Levi Coffin House created?

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How did the undertaker manage to get out of his coffin under all that dirt?

b/c he's the Undertaker! he can do anything! even take on his own brother and bury him!

What job do the sowerberry's give to Oliver Twist?

Mute which was a person who stood next to the coffin in funerals :)

What is the web address of the Coffin House Museum in Newbury Massachusetts?

The web address of the Coffin House Museum is:

Is deathvalley a real valley?

yes death Vallie is real. it is in California and their is such thing as an undertaker (he puts bodies in coffin's.)

Is their 2 The Undertakers?

well in Undertaker's earlier years Undertaker was put in a coffin and wasn't seen for a long time. Finally some guy pretending to be Undertaker came to WWE, but he wasn't the Undertaker. the real Undertaker finally showed up and faced the fake Undertaker, or "Underfaker" at a PPV and defeated him while doing 3 Tombstone Pile Drivers.

Where is current house of mj?

a coffin