Why it is said that undertaker is a deadman?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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cause a undertaker is someone who burries a deadperson when they are in a coffin.

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Q: Why it is said that undertaker is a deadman?
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Did undertaker is deadman really?

he is not really a deadman its a nickname like big evil undertaker.....

Is Undertaker real deadman?


Is the undertaker a demand?

no, he is a Deadman

How did undertaker become deadman?

It is a gimmick.

Why undertaker is called deadman?

That's just his theme role in the wwe businness.

When will undertaker be back on TV?

yes the deadman undertaker is back on tv

What is the undertaker's age?

I believe the deadman's in his 40's

When will bike undertaker return?

Never. He is the Deadman now.

Who made the choke slam in WWE?

The Undertaker ( deadman)

Why did undertaker change back to the deadman?

Bcoz he became old

Why did the undertaker got an name called deadman?

Because he's bad-a**.