How old is sara calaway?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Sara Calaway is 35 years old.

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Q: How old is sara calaway?
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How tall is Sara Calaway?

Sara Calaway is 5' 10".

What is the birth name of Sara Calaway?

Sara Calaway's birth name is Sara Chirie Frank.

When did sara calaway and mark calaway marry?

July 21. 2000

When Did Sara Calaway Died?

Sara Calaway was born on July 21, 1977, in Long Beach, California, USA.

Is sara chirie calaway remarried?

Why does it matter

Did Mark Calaway cheat on Sara Calaway while they were married?

No he did not cheat on sara, she cheated on him that is the reason for their divorce

Did sara calaway marry Evan smith?

Yes Sara Calaway marry Evan Smith on New Year's Eve 12/31/2010 in Austin, TX

Who are the undertaker family?

The Undertaker(Mark William Calaway) has three daughters, Kaia Faith Calaway, Chasey Calaway, and Gracie Calaway. Also he has a son and his name is Gunner Vincent Calaway. The undertaker has three ex-wives Michelle McCool, Sara Calaway, and Jodi Lynn the undertaker has a big family.

When Was Sara Calaway And Mark Calaway Divorce Official?

Mark Callaway and Sara Callaway were married on July 21, 2000. Their divorce became official in the year 2007. After their divorce he married Michelle McCool in 2010.

What is the undertakers name?

real nameHis real name is Mark Calaway and his wife's name is Sara Calaway.

If sara calaway and mark calaway the wwe undertaker didn't divorce why did he remove the sara tattoo from the front of his throat that he got for a wedding present for her?

Because they ARE divorced. As of 2007, he and Sara were divorced and he was romantically linked to fellow wrestler Michelle McCool, whom he married on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

When did sara calaway and mark calaway divorce?

It's been reported that they are no longer together, and that Mark is currently dating Michelle McCool. I head that Mark and Michelle dating was a rumor.Go to sara calaway's my space and scroll down to the letters that mark sent her. PS.the're really touching, there also recent!