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Q: How may fight do amertuers boxers do?
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Why are boxers known as boxers?

because they fight in a box

Are boxers forced to fight into the ring or is it there decision?

Boxers are forced to fight in the fighting ring but if they do choose to fight outside of the ring, they will be disqualified.

Do you have to unlock boxers in fight night round 3?

No, Just If You Like Better Boxers But You Have Got Already Lots Of Boxers

Can three heavy weight boxers together kill a tiger in fight?

In a fight between three unarmed heavyweight boxers and a tiger, the odds are on the tiger.

Why Do Boxers Fight?

cause they call ya mar

Can you get tattoos to put on your boxers on fight night 4?


What is the part where the boxers fight called?

boxing ring?

How many boxers can't walk again?

A lot of boxers can not walk in the world. They cant walk because they have gotten injured in a fight. Many boxers can't walk.

Is girl boxers or boy boxers better at punching?

they fight and train the same way. The only difference is the obvious ones

Use ready to fight in a sentence?

The bell rang and the two boxers were ready to fight for the world title.

What are the release dates for Food Fight - 2003 Boston Team Yoga vs Boxers?

Food Fight - 2003 Boston Team Yoga vs Boxers was released on: USA: 8 August 2003

Who are the featured boxers in the video game Fight Night Round 4?

The EA sports video game Fight Night Round 4 features and displays on the cover the legendary boxers Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. There are 48 other licensed boxers in the game. Downloadable content features other boxers such as Oscar De La Hoya.