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I don't know but I know that Karate, Ninjitsu (It is a real thing) and early Jijitsu came from there so probably a lot.

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Q: How many people do Martial Arts in Japan?
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What is the martial art that begin in japan called?

There are many martial arts that originated in Japan. Judo, Aikido, JuJitsu, Sumo and Iaido are some of them. Karate originated in Okinawa, which is now considered a part of Japan.

Who brought martial arts to England?

Martial arts didn't have to be brought to England, many were developed there. The quarterstaff, boxing and archery have a long and rich tradition in England. The martial arts from Asia were brought there by immigrants from China, India, and Japan as well as military personnel that learned in Asia.

There are many martial arts and variations of the arts not counting these variations how many martial arts are there?

Too many and too many variations of each.

Is martial arts popular?

Yes, it is popular. Many people love Martial Arts. Many people do it. So I proved it. It is very popular. So many people enjoy doing it too. Some people think it's awesome! It is popular.

How important the Martial Art is in your today's daily basis?

Marital arts play a big part of many people's daily lives today. Martial arts is something that is important for both one's mental and physical health. Many people will practice some form of martial arts on a daily basis.

What are some reasons that people practice martial arts?

There are many reasons that people practice martial arts, the reason vary from person to person. Suffice to say that a certain physical and mental well being, tends to be an outcome of the discipline required from most martial arts. It can be assumed that people who practice Martial Arts, to some degree or another, seek to better themselves physically or mentally.

How many people can do martial arts?

Anyone can do martial arts if they have the physical ability, In my karate school we have a kid with downsyndrom who is a purple belt and only needs two more belts to become black. So practically anyone can do martial arts.

What martial arts must one learn to become a martial arts master?

You become a martial arts master by studying a single martial art for many years. It is not something that is easy.

Where was martial arts discovered?

It wasnt discovered, it was created by many people from around the world.

Why do people use martial arts?

Martial arts are the skills to conduct warfare and combat. As long has mankind has been involved in conflict, the martial arts have been used.

What is karate a form of?

Karate is a martial art. It originated in Okinawa around 200 years ago.

How do martial arts fit in with the native religion of East Asia?

There are many aspects of the arts that are associated with the early martial arts. In many cases the relationship is no longer maintained. Early Buddhist monks spread Kung Fu and Tai Chi type moves throughout China and took it to Japan and other countries.