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Q: How many knockouts did rocky marciano in his career?
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How many fights did rocky marciano win?

Although Rocky Marciano was undefeated in 49 fights in the pro's he did lose four fights during his amateur career.

How many times did Rocky Marciano win?


How many children did rocky marciano have?

Rocky and his wife had one daughter, Mary-Anne, they also adopted a boy shortly before Marciano's death and named him Rocco Kevin.

What heavyweight boxer won 49 fights without been beaten?

Rocky Marciano are many, including Rocky Marciano, Gene Tunney, David Tua, Paul Cavalier and others.

What boxer retired in 1956?

Many boxers retired in 1956, but Rocky Marciano was the most famous to retire.

Who has the most knockouts in heavyweight boxing?

Officially the record holder is Primo Carnera with 69 knockouts. But the legitimacy of some of them is highly dubious as Carnera's career was controlled by the mob and many if not most of his fights were allegedly fixed. George Foreman is second overall and first in legitimate knockouts with 68. Ezzard Charles (58) and Max Baer (52) are the only other heavyweights with more than 50 career knockouts. However, many of Charles' knockouts came in lower weight classes so there is some debate as to whether he should be on the list.

How many knockouts does chuck lidell have?

Chuck Liddell has a total of 13 knockout's in his MMA career if you count TKO's and KO's together.

Which American boxer born in 1966 is known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history?

An American boxer that was born in the year 1966 and is also known for some of the best knockouts in boxing history seems to be named Mike Tyson.This man has many important wins in his career.

How many boxing matches has Oscar De La Hoya lost?

Depends upon what part of his career you are taling about. As an amateur his win-loss record was 223-5 with 163 knockouts. He has won 6 world chanpionships in as many weight classes. In his current class, his record is 38-5 with 30 knockouts.

Where are the children of Rocky Marciano?

I believe Rocky's daughter was arrested for cocaine distribution many years ago. I am sure that I read it in the newspaper at least 20 years ago, I too have been trying to find out what actually happened to her? Rocky's son can be found in the Fort Lauderdale area; Rocky's daughter has sadly died...

Did Rocky Marciano once box his brother?

In answer to this question Rocky boxed against his brother Sonny Marciano on many occasions, but never in official fights, only in sparring and infamously on an exhibition tour, where his brother illegally took on the identity of another amateur fighters, for this Rocky served a one month suspension in all states except NY where he had most early fights. Rocky Marciano's true amateur record was/is 9-4 (8KO's), never 8-0, 30-0 (according to Sullivan's badly written book), 8-4 . The confusion over 9-4 vs 8-4 is extra fight not included in his record because fighter Ralph did not show so naturally Rocky won by DQ!

How many knockouts did Jermain Taylor have in his boxing career?

Jermain Taylor's boxing career lasted from 2001 to 2012 with a period of inactivity in 2010. He won thirty-one matches, lost four, and drew one with nineteen knock-outs in this period.