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Chuck Liddell has a total of 13 knockout's in his MMA career if you count TKO's and KO's together.

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Q: How many knockouts does chuck lidell have?
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Did chuck lidell win ufc79?

Yes, Chuck Lidell beat longtime rival Wanderlei Silva by Unanimous Decision 29-28

Who is the highest paid UFC fighter?

Chuck lidell

What professional baseball players have worn number 63?

Chuck lidell

Who is the best fighter in tna?

Brock Leslie and Chuck Lidell "The Ice Man"

What is Chuck Lidell famous for?

Chuck Lidell is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight Champion who is one of the talented fighters who is famous for mixed martial arts becoming an integral part of sports today.

When is chuck liddell in the movie 300?

Chuck Lidell was in the seen right after the captain's son's head gets cutt off

What is the UFC interm championship?

Chuck LiDell is when he beat rampage and forest griffen in two back to back fights.

Chuck lidell net worth?

Chuck Liddell is best known for his mixed martial art skills and championships that he won. His net worth is estimated to be $14 million.

Who did Randy Couture face in his first fight at light heavyweight?

I should imagine it was at UFC 43 against Chuck Lidell?!

How tall is chuck lidell?

Chuck Lidell is 6 ft 2 inches tall (1.88 metres). Lidell is one of the most popular fighters in UFC history and is nicknamed "The Iceman". He is a one time UFC light heavyweight champion who defended his title successfully 4 times. His final MMA Record at the time of retirement was 21 wins and 8 losses. He is also a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Who has the Most knockouts in mixed martial arts history?

The Ice Man Chock Liddel its not chuck liddell he only has like 13 knockouts wanderlei silva has 24 against better fighters

What actors and actresses appeared in Ultimate Knockouts 5 - 2008?

The cast of Ultimate Knockouts 5 - 2008 includes: Randy Couture as himself Kenny Florian as himself Chuck Liddell as himself

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