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Q: How many forms of martial arts hrithik roshan knows?
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Who dances better Hrithik or Shahid?

Hrithik is a better dancer. He is also more experienced than Shahid. Hrithik knows many kinds of dance steps.

How many martial arts are there in America?

nobody knows for sure but there is loads

Who is Samu he played a martial arts detective?

Samu is the Detective that knows Kung Fu in the 1998-2000 TV Series "Martial Law."

Is Jackie Chan considered the world's best martial artist?

No he actually doesn't know any martial art he knows movie kungfu

Sun Hang Do?

Sun Hang Do is called the complete martial art because the training is very holistic and improves all areas of your martial art training. Anyone that watches professional martial arts fighting knows that the best athletes out there are well-rounded and do not focus solely on one area.

Is Bodhidharma the creator of martial arts?

Bodidharma was an Indian monk who travelled to China. He taught Buddhism and martial arts to the shaolin monks from techniques he brought back from India. That was when martial arts was born.Second answerNo, he was not the creator of martial arts. Martial arts arise independently within cultures all around the world. Wherever there is war, there is always someone who knows how to wrestle or handle a sword. The concept that Bodhidharma knew or created martial arts does not predate the 20th century. See the paper "Ignorance, Legend, and Taijiquan" by the martial arts historian Stan Henning.

Do all Philippinos know kung-fu?

No, just as not everyone in any country knows martial arts. Some do, most don't.

Who started the Indian martial arts?

The first caveman to hit another caveman and teach yet another caveman to do it again. No one knows

Do other planets hold life forms?

No body knows at this time.

Has anyone ever sighted life forms in space?

as of right now no one knows if there are other life forms in space until then the answer is NO

What kind of martial arts does Kim Possible know?

She knows 16 styles of kung-fu, including the Praying Mantis style (a real thing). Ron and Rufus posses Mystical Monkey Power (not a real thing), but neither has previous martial arts experience.

What is the most dangerous martial art?

The one being used by an unskilled, un-trained individual. They will hurt more people, including themselves, then someone that knows what they are doing.