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Q: How many fights did Michael spinks win?
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How many fights did Bruce Lee win?


How many fights did Randy Orton win in his career?

303 wins

How many fights did Mike Tyson win altogether?

As a pro, 50.

How many fights did Alex Arthur win in his professional career?

Alex Arthur won 29 fights (20 by knockout).

How many fights did the jacobites win?

All of them except the last battle, Culloden

What is Cassius famous for?

being the first man to win the world heavyweight championship three times. his stance on the Vietnam War his fights with sonny liston, george foreman, joe frazier and leon spinks his Islamic faith his four wives (not at the same time) his mouth

How many fights did Joe Louis win?

He won 66 fights (52 by KO/TKO), including 25 title defenses. He lost only 3 fights, and 1 no contest.

How do you become a Top Mafia Bodyguard in FB Mafia Wars?

"Bodyguard - Choose a member with many fights won to promote to Bodyguard to get a Defense bonus. Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked. "~Win as many fights as possible and ask your friends to add you to their Top Mafia as a Bodyguard.

How many fights did Chuck Norris win in the year 1969?

All of them except for Bruce Lee

How can you get a deal with the UFC?

Win lots of amateur fights, go pro, win lots of pro fights, and send your resume and highlight video to them.

How many titles did michael Jordon win?


Sword and sandals 2 get more money?

well u win fights and u get money well u win fights and u get money