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All of them except Trish Stratus, Alicia Fox, and Brie Bella(they have outies)

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Only 1. Alicia Fox.

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Q: How many WWE Divas have an outie belly button and who are they?
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What is the difference between an inner belly and an outer belly?

An "innie" is a belly button that sinks into the abdomen somewhat (concave) - while an ''outie'' protrudes out of the abdomen (convex). Many women who usually have "innie's" develop "outie's" during pregnancy.

Is there such thing as an innie-outie bellybutton?

Yes, there is such a thing as an "innie" belly button, where the belly button is concave, and an "outie" belly button, where the belly button protrudes slightly. Both types are normal and common variations.

Why do so many female fitness models have outie belly buttons?

They were just born that way.

How many WWE divas can belly dance?

probably all

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Although There Are Many Photographs Of Emma Watson, Theres Not Photo Of Her Belly Button. But The Majority Have An `Innie` So She Might Have That.

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Around 10-20% of the population have outie bellybuttons, which are protruding rather than concave. The shape of a person's bellybutton is determined by how the umbilical cord heals after birth.