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5 years if you go the McDojo route. 10 to 13 years if you go a legit instructor with direct or close lineage to Helio Gracie. Many schools today are just selling belts. Be proud in how long you worked to get it.

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Depends on how much time you have available to practice.

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Q: How long it takes to get a BJJ black belt?
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What belt is george st Pierre in jiujitsu?

St-Pierre earned a black belt in BJJ under Bruno Fernandes.

Where does len hamilton bjj coach?

inner circle bjj

Who is the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu professor?

According to "Rate My BJJ Instructor", it's Relson Gracie.

Order Jiu jitsu color belts?

The belts can vary greatly from school to school. White, Blue, Purple, and Black is one order since there are so little belts it takes long times to acquire each beltANSWERThe actual order is white blue purple brown black. For BJJ that is.Actually in some schools of Ju Jitsu there are more belts than this.It goes white, red yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, purple and white, brown, brown and white. black. It can take only three months to get white to purple belts, but a year to get purple to brown belts, then longer to get black.AnswerI am a black-white belt and used to train in Staffordshire. All our gradings were at a larger club locally, but for black belt i had to go to the Ju-Jitsu headquaters in Liverpool. The order of belts for every club i know are;Red (starting belt - get with gi), white, yellow, orange, green, blue-white, blue, purple, brown-white, brown, black//black-white.The 'white' associated with the blue and brown before the full blue and brown belt is like a half-way there point, breaking the 2 grades down.The 'white' associated with the black belt simply means the person is a junior. A full black belt can be gained when they are older and they wont have to do the whole black belt course again (just certain aspects that arn't included in the junior belt)as they technically already have it.:] Nelly :]

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Does Sarah Palin know martial arts?

She is a blue belt in BJJ. Did some amateur intergender MMA too. I think her first fight was against a typical red neck kid who she had tap out from a triangle.

How long Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt?

About 3 years or so depending on the style and the school. It takes as long as it takes. You can't put a date on earning a black belt, because everyone is different. In most traditional Okinawan styles of karate it takes around 4 to 5 years. If a place guarantees you a black belt in three years, run, don't walk, away! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I began learning TKD when I was 10 years old and I achieved my black belt in four years. However all the other black belts I know, who are all older than me, have taken longer to get their black belts. It depends how focused and determined you are, not to mention how seriously black belt is your goal and where it stands on a list of your life priorities. As a young person it was top on my list for the entire four years, as I had no job or important exams to worry about yet at that time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is almost impossible to answer as it depends on how often the student trains, how hard they train and how quickly they learn. Students who are more dedicated and train hard will obviously achieve their black belt before other less devoted students but to put a time span on it is difficult. I would say that even the most dedicated of students should train at least three years before being allowed to Dan Grade ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been taking karate for 13 years. I started when I was 2 and I got my black belt when I was 11. I'm not saying it's gonna take you 9 years, but it is going to take a while. It also depends on the Dojo, not all Dojo's are going to give 11 year olds black belts and say they can teach, it takes time. Also, it's going to take a long time and a lot of tests to get Sensei, there's a lot of Kyu's and it takes time to get through them all. I've been in Tae-Kwon-Do for two and a half years. I will hopefully get my red belt this summer. After that I have to wait a year to test for recommended black belt and then another year to get certified Black Belt. This means it will have taken me just under five years to achieve black belt. This of course varies from person to person. I progressed fairly quickly, but others will take longer. Depends on the style you do, I attempted my black belt after 4 years of training, my mum in 3. Some people take longer than others but it depends how passionate you are. For example in Shotokan karate you only have to wait 6 months from the highest kyu grade to take your black belt. All styles are different. __________________________________________________________________ I have been doing gojo ryu karate for 3 years and I'm going for my black belt in June 2011. Really it depends how committed and focused you are. Of course you need to have good Kata's but they give you it on your attitude as well. Sometimes you may need to wait until you have been training for 5 years before you go but I'm special

What is the most expensive Jiu jitsu gi?

Probably Helio Gracie's bjj gi. ( not for sale) maybe lucky or isami or shoyoroll

Does upstate karate teach jijitzu?

Yes. Upstate Karate is an affiliate of RCJ Machado BJJ out of the Dallas area. Carlos Machado is the son-in-law of Ray Thompson, the owner of Upstate Karate. Carlos holds the highest BJJ belt rank in the southwest U.S.

What are the characteristics of the martial art BJJ?

BJJ has intermittency as its core element. Rather than focusing on strikes and kicks BJJ focuses on close contact β€œgrappling” holds and techniques. And it also pays attention to the application of chokes and joint manipulations.

Is 2.7 greater than 2.15?

Yes it is.

In UFC unleashed how do you do a rear naked choke with BJ Penn?

From back control in bjj, click the right stick down and fight for the submission, PS THIS IS FROM EVERY BJJ FIGHTER