How do you read fencing results?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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For overall results, look at the number besides the name of the person to see what place they ranked. When looking at DE brackets, look for the name you want and follow it as it progresses to the side on the bracket. When the name is not in the next slot, that means they lost and the two numbers will be the score. When looking at a pool sheet, the numbers to the right of your person's name indicates their score against another person. A five or a "V" will indicate a victory. Now look at the number just to the left of your person's name. Now find that number above the columns on the sheet and look down. The numbers below it indicate what people scored on your person. Finally, the numbers to the far right of your person's name indicate their overall achievements. The number for them under the "V" indicates how many bouts they won. The number for the "TS" indicates how many touches they scored overall. The number under the "TR" indicates how many touches they received overall. The number under the "I" is the indicator. This is the touches scored minus the touches received. The higher the number, the better. The number under the "P" indicates what place they received in the pool. This is determined first by the number of victories people achieved. If two people tied there, whoever has the higher indicator is ranked higher. If the same two people are tied there, it goes to touches scored. If they are still tied, then it is an official tie.

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Q: How do you read fencing results?
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