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You strike the target with the heel of the palm. It is actually safer than trying to punch someone, less chance of breaking bones in the fingers and hand. Just arch the hand back as far as you can and strike. It can be pretty effective, breaking a nose, ribs and even knocking someone out with a strike to the side of the jaw. It is the blow I teach in my self-defense courses.

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Shotei is one name for it, in the shotokan style.

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Q: How do you do a karate palm strike?
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What is the difference between a Buddha palm and a knife hand?

{| |- | They are similar only in that they are bothdelivered with the hand. The knife hand or karate chop is a strike done with the side of the hand away from the thumb. The area of contact is between the wrist and the lowest knuckle of the pinkie finger. The palm strike is done with the heel of the hand. |}

Who said strike first strike hard strike often?

(The Quote came from the 1984 movie "Karate Kid" and the actual quote was "Strike First Strike Hard Show No Mercy".) This quote is accually said by Fleet Admiral William Halsey, during WWII, the "Karate Kid" quote is probably derived from what the Admiral said. and it's: "Strike Fast, Strike Hard, Strike Often".

What has the author Wm Bruce Abbott written?

Wm. Bruce Abbott has written: 'Impact characteristics of the karate strike and thrust technique' -- subject(s): Karate

How do you give a heart blow strike in karate?

just a very strong punch in the solar flexus and your enemy's down

How does a karate player break a pile of tiles in a single blow?

A karate player can break a pile of tiles in a single blow by focusing their energy and technique into a precise strike, usually using their palm, elbow, or foot. They must generate enough speed, power, and accuracy to break through the stack of tiles in one controlled movement. Practice, proper technique, and conditioning are key to achieving this feat safely and effectively.

What is the strongest Kung Fu move in martial arts?

The palm strike. Taught at most Kung Fu schools condition the palms to make said palm strike as damaging as possible. The reason the palm strike is so dangerous, is because for one, it is in fact more powerful than any kick, and because the blow is distributed throughout the palm it generates shockwaves throughout the entire body. It doesn't matter either, if an opponent is fat; if the Kung Fu expert's palms are well conditioned, the shockwave generated can be so strong that the waves of his own fat could for example, break his ribcage.

Why can't you use karate outside of karate school?

You can, but only in the act of avoiding serious harm to yourself or one who is under attack. To better understand some of the ideas that define karate, you might want to read a book called "The Twenty guiding principles of Karate" by Gichin Funakoshi (translated by John Teramoto). The second and third principles (chapters) of this book are titled "There is no first strike in karate" and "Karate stands on the side of justice". These words alone are enough to give you your answer.

Which is more deadly shaolin Kung Fu or karate?

The ability to strike a blow that is fatal is not dependent on the style of martial art that one studies. It is a factor of who is doing the striking and what their intent is.

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What is an Isshinryu Karate Do?

Isshunryu Karate-Do is a type of karate founded by Shimabuku Tatsuo

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