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1ST you need to find a competent Muay Thai Instructor. There So many people out that just Plain suck. They might say or advertize like they are teaching muay thai but They are really not!!! they may not a kick or a punch but they don't know what Muay thai truely is... Next Train, when your ready spar. once you can spar with technique then talk to your instructor or kru About getting a fight! One thing I would advise you on once you do get a fight is to be werry bout some of the amateur promotions. Some fight no head gear or shin guards. Which is fine if you are a professional! You are not getting paid as an amateur but you are destroying your body without the compensation!!! if you are going to fight no shin guards go pro!

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Q: How do you become a muay thai kickboxer?
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How do you spell Kickboxer in Thai?

Kick boxer in Thai is muay Thai which is Thai kickboxing

Boran thai muay thai?

We have to say Muay Thai Boran : It means the orginally Muay Thai. Muay Thai and originally Muay Thai is different with how to boxing. Muay Thai Boran is so old more than 500 years.

Who is Jordan Watson?

He is a professional kickboxer from England. He competes in English Muay Thai kickboxing for England.

Is muay thai Olympic sport?

Muay thai is a sport but no an olympic one

Where is Muay thai training place?

Muay Thai Training place is in Thailand

When was Muay Thai Chaiya created?

Muay Thai Chaiya was created on 2007-08-30.

Is Muay Thai game recognized by Maharashtra Olympic Association?

Muay Thai is not an Olympic sport.

Where did muay Thai originate?

Kickboxing has its roots in the Thai Martial Art of Muay Thai Boxing

Is muay thai better than mixed martial arts?

Both Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai have their own unique qualities and benefits.

What does muay Thai say in English?

Thai Boxing

The contender muay thai theme song?

the contender muay thai theme song is done by Hans Zimmerman

Who is the best muay Thai fighter?

Many people believe Samart Payakaroon to be the best Muay Thai fighter of all time