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its fun its intense and it makes soccer players look like sissys

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Q: Give you 3 reasons why boxing should not be banned?
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Should chips be banned at school?

no chips shouldnt be banned give the chose to children

Should you go back to boxing im 12 you have a hard punch and ive never gotten hitten in a fight?

No, Boxing can give you brain injures.

Should Brain Drain be banned due to lack of opportunities?

The government should give more opportunities for the educated people.

Form of boxing in which gloved hands and the feet to give blows to the opponit?

Kick boxing

Should farmers be banned from feeding hens with fish meal?

No because then how will hens give us eggs

Should you explain if the question says 'give two reasons why'?

If a question states "Give two reasons why." then yes, generally you will need to explain your reasoning.

Give the funda of?

yes it should for many reasons 1.what is a funda??

Why should someone give you a scholarship?

There are many reasons why someone should give you a scholarship. You could have done something very helpful or have a dream.

What do you get for vaulting the boxing items in Mafia Wars?

Vaulting the boxing collection will give you 3 attack points.

Why should boxing be banned?

The law says, buckle up, or you get fined, no cigarette smokingit causes cancer, eat organic foods for quality life, do not pass a red light, you may cause an accident and kill someone, take vitamins, get a check up every year, exercise daily for good health and how about eliminate professional boxing to end brain damage, loss of vision, loss of teeth, dislocated jaws, broken noses and downright PUNCHY. How come the field of boxing has never been an issue that causes abuse to the human body and brain. I say NO MORE PROFESSIONAL BOXING and give their mothers relief from watching their sons get beat up. What can we do to end this brutal game.........

How to get a a boxing fight?

kiss another mans wife in front of him..this never fails... always can give you a boxing fight

Give a definition of boxing?

Boxing is a martial sport in which two competitors exchange punches above the waist to score points.