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dojo means school in Japanese so a dojo is somewhere you learn

in America it is common to call a place where you learn a Japanese martial art a dojo

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Q: Expain dojo in Japanese martial arts?
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Where would you work if you instructed martial arts?

You would teach in a martial arts school. The Japanese would call it a dojo.

What is a dojo in martial arts?

Dojo is a Japanese word which means "the place of the way". It is the training hall where you study.

What does do jang mean in martial arts?

Do jang is a Korean term. It refers to the school where the martial art is taught. In Japanese it is a dojo.

What are the Martial Arts school in Okinawa called?

Dojos. Dojo is Japanese for "place of the way". It can mean any formal training area, but typically it is associated with martial arts.

Where do the Koreans practice martial arts?

The Korean word for the martial arts school is the do jang. There are many of them around the word and they all vary according to the instructor and the school. In Japanese it is a dojo.

Where is the Cobra Martial Arts in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

The Cobra Martial Arts dojo is located in San Fierro, the city to the far left of the map. The dojo is marked as the gym, and is the only way to learn martial arts.

What does dojo mean in English?

dojo literally means "place of the way" but it is a martial arts hall

What do you do inside a dojo?

Engage in martial arts training and competition.

How do you get to the martial arts dojo on inazuma 11?

i know it but i forget it

What do you call a martial arts center?

That will depend on the school or style you are studying. The Japanese word is dojo. Other styles may use the term doha or even temple.

What do you call a place where people practice martial arts?

A martial art school can be called many things, including an academy, gym, or studio. Often times, if the Martial Art is specifically of Asian Martial Art lineage, the term of the native language is used. In Japanese, the term is Dojo, used frequently in many countries around the world for the teaching of Judo, Aikido, Jujutsu, and Japanese Karate-do. In Korea, the term is Dojang, which is the proper term commonly used world wide in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and other Korean Martial Art systems.

What does the white belt represent in the dojo?

A beginner, someone who has started their journey in the martial arts.