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yes dans are what you do after black belt

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Q: Does dans have anything to do with Karate?
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What are the black belt degrees in karate?

They are called Dans. Most styles have ten levels of black belt. Most have a single 10th dan who is the leader of the style.

What is the combination of Jujitsu and Karate?

The Wado ryu Karate style mixes the two about 70:30 to karate but I'm not sure that is what your looking for. Are you looking for a specific style or anything that combines the two?

What happens when you walk onto a karate Matt with shoes on?

According to traditions, you should not walk on Karate mat with shoes on. It will not do anything, but still it will demonstrate your disrespect to the art of Karate. Hence you are not advised to do so.

Is there anything that karate teaches that Kung Fu does not teach?

Not if you stay and study it long enough. Eventually all of the skills will be learned. Karate evolved out of kung fu.

Does learning karate makes someone short?

No, that is would learning anything make you shrink?

In Karate Kid who said Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything?

Mr. Miyagi.

What is Billy's weapon of choice in the movie Billy Jack?

Karate because he did not have anything else to use

Did you lean anything from karate class?

Yes, you will learn a lot in a karate class. That is provided you are willing to listen and learn. It takes a long time to become good, so be patient and practice hard.

Is karate hard on the back?

Anything you do, if you dont practice it properly is hard on your back... everyaction as a reaction.. if you do physical activity such as karate.. then counter act it with yoga or pilaties to strenghten the musles to improve mobility and create harmony for your lingaments when they are bulking up and tighening. open and clear your mind when in combat. dont let anything distract you. so NO! karate is not hard on your back if you practise it well.

What does dans meen in french?

Dans = in

How do you say to get in french?

Entrer dans.../ rentrer dans.../ monter dans.../ se mettre dans.../ Actually it depends on the context, these are the main meanings ;-)

How do you do karate to be the best?

there is rally no easy way to be good at marital arts or anything at that matter what you have to do is just practice and practice