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No she did not. Michelle and Taker did not start dating until after the divorce was final.

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Q: Did Michelle McCool break up Mark Callaway's marriage?
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Who killed undertaker in WWE?

Its just a storyline because undertakers injured and just got married to Michelle mccool so it gives him a break

When did undertaker and sara break up?

Yes, he is still married to Sara. No, they are divorced.

Why did the undertaker and Sara Break up?

As far as I'm aware, he didn't. They married in round abot 2000 and to this day, still are. Hope this helps. xxx

Why marriage break?

Marriage break when they could not love each other already .

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Will you see the undertacker wrestle again?

Yes you will. He did not get attacked by anyone. He is on a honeymoon. He just got married and hes taking a break i was checking out his bio, and guess who he got married too? Michelle Mccool. Don't believe me look it up. And they only said he got attacked to build suspense and drama to make the show exciting. Now Kane is after everyone. its all a show.

Why did undertaker break up with Sarah?

Undertaker and Sara did not split up. They have two children named Gracie Naomi Calaway and shes 3 and Chasey Chirie Calaway and shes six. you shouldn't belive everything you hear okay? They did not spilt up October 17, 2008 Sorry to burst your bubble, but Taker and Sara have been divorced for a year and he is dating Michelle is a fact not a rumor, he is having the tatoo on his throat removed. And for the record it was Sara who wanted the divorce not Taker

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