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eve does love zack they shood be together to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In real life NO in storyline yes but now that eve took john cena,

no but then John Cena found out eve was using him and ryder so no no

is storyline anymore

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yes... NO THERE NOT ARE YOU CRAZY! there dating but no not engaged...yet...

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Q: Are eve Torres and Zack ryder dating?
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Is Zack Ryder married?

No he is dating eve torres

Why Zack Ryder and Eve Torres are dating?

They are not dating in real life only for storyline for the show.

Who is Zack ryder dating?

eVe torrez

Who was John Cena in a love triangle with?

Zack Ryder and Eve Torres. Eve was just using them though, and turned heel in the process.

Is eve Torres going to say yes to Zack ryder asking her to go out with him .?

hope so .. he is also trying to ask her out by tweeting her .. and the fans are asking eve to say yes .. it will be great to have a relation ship between eve an Zack !

Do Zack ryder and eve Torres like each other?

yes i hope so my name is Ciara im 7 and i am a big fan of them

Does Eve Torres hate John Cena for what he did?

Cena hasn't done anything for Eve to hate him

Is eve Torres dating a wrestler?

Yes, she is actually dating The Miz. But supposly in the WWE storyline, she kissed John Cena and agreed to date Zack Ryder. She been with Miz since 2009, and they are so cute togerther

Who is Zack ryder's girlfriend?

yes it is eve

Does Zack ryder have a crush on eve?

Yes he has a crush on her

Did eve use Zack Ryder?

Yes eve used zack ryder.On wwe eve said she will use John Cena also.

Does eve Torres have a boyfriend?

Eve my be dating R-truth