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yes i hope so my name is Ciara im 7 and i am a big fan of them

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Q: Do Zack ryder and eve Torres like each other?
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In 2009 Zack and Ashley loves each other?


Do Zack and vanessa go out with each other?

yes zac and vannesa go out with each other

Does Randy Orton and eve Torres like each other?

well yes they had feelings for each other but he was married

Did cole and Dylan sprouse kiss each other?

yes in the suite life of Zack and Cody they kissed each other

Who is Brennan Torres and Emily Grace Reaves?

Not friends, but they don't know each other. They want to know who each other is, because Emily and Noah knows each other.

Is Zack Efron going out with vanessa Anne Hudges?

yes they are.they love each other

Does Zack efron and Monique colemen get along with each other?

Yes, they do. However, they're not really close.

Is Zack efron in love with Vanessa Hudgens?

yeah they were but not at the moment but truly inside there fiening for each other

Are kelly klelly and eve Torres friends?

yes they new each other since they were in 3rd grade

Does Zack martin like London tipton?

Maybe, but he still doesn't know it. I think London like Zack, a little. I mean there is something in that friendship that make me feel that Zack & London would be a great couple. They know each other for 6 years.

Were Zack fair and sephiroth friends once?

Kind of. Sephiroth's best friends were Genesis and Angeal; he was a little cold to everyone else, including Zack. After Genesis and Angeal left Soldier, Sephiroth and Zack became acquaintances and got along with each other pretty well.

Did Sephiroth love Aerith?

Well they did kinda develop a relashonship together but she met Zack and loved him and not sephiroth.Would they ever love each other?

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