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When it comes to College Sports there are six major conferences. The six conferences are the big east, ACC, SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and the Pac 10. The big east has teams like Connecticut, West Virginia, Syraucse, Cincinnati, Villanova. The Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) has teams like Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest. The Big 12 has teams like Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma State. The Big Ten has teams like Purdue, Iowa, Penn State, Indiana, Illinois. Lastly, the Pac Ten has teams like UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington St. There are the six major conferences, but when it comes to the March Madness in College Basketball watch out for the mid major conferences (OVC, MVC,Ivy league, etc)

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Q: Who are the big 6 athletic conferences in college sports?
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When someone refers to the big east what does it mean?

In the US, the Big East is a sports conference consisting of NCAA Division I universities. As of the start of the 2013-2014 college athletic season, the conference will change its name to the American Athletic Conference.

How many football conferences in college football?

in the FBS there are 11 conferences(SEC, ACC, big 10, big 12, pac-10, big east, C-USA, sun belt, MWC, WAC, and independents)

Where can someone find news on the Big 12 Championship?

The Big 12 is a class A conference of the National College Athletic Association. Information on the Big 12 Championship can generally be found on sports oriented websites and television channels and in general news media as well as sports magazines. The official site of the conference, Big12Sports, is probably the most reliable source for timely information.

What kind of sports do athletic people in Canada play?

Mostly Lacrosse, which is really big up there and also hockey.

What kind of people are joined in the Big Ten Conference?

The Big Ten Conference is an college athletic division in the United States. It is the oldest Division I athletic conference, being established in 1986, and currently has 12 members.

Which two conferences are matched up for the Alamo bowl?

Well one of the conferences is the Big 12.

How many NCAA Division 2 conferences are there?

25:California Collegiate Athletic AssociationCentral Atlantic Collegiate ConferenceCentral Intercollegiate Athletic Association^Conference CarolinasEast Coast ConferenceGreat American Conference^Great Lakes Football ConferenceGreat Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference^Great Lakes Valley ConferenceGreat Northwest Athletic Conference^Gulf South Conference^Heartland ConferenceLone Star Conference^Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletic Association^Northeast Ten Conference^Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference^Pacific West ConferencePeach Belt ConferencePennsylvania State Athletic Conference^Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference^South Atlantic Conference^Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference^Sunshine State ConferenceWest Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference^Division II Independent schools

Who invented the BCS format?

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format was developed in 1998 by the commissioners of the six major college football conferences (ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, and SEC) along with Notre Dame's athletic director. The goal was to create a system that would match the top two teams in a national championship game.

What is the big ten conference in college football?

The Big Ten Conferences consists of: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin.

Who has the most college hockey wins?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I seriously doubt that any college basketball team has won a college hockey game.

What teams make up the Big East Conference football 2014?

NCAA conferences have been realigning over the past several years. There is no alignment set in stone for the Big East—or any other conference—for the 2014-15 sports year.

What are the names of the conferences in NCAA Division 1 Sports?

I'm assuming we're talking about the National Basketball Association here. I could list the names of the NCAA conferences as well, but that would take a little longer than I want to spend. Also, the names of the Conferences is pretty easy: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. For the sake of completeness, I'm assuming that the question refers to the names of the Divisions within those Conferences. The NBA is arranged as follows: EASTERN CONFERENCE - Atlantic Division, Central Division, Southeast Division WESTERN CONFERENCE - Northwest Division, Pacific Division, Southwest Division