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Q: What percent of Americans watch football?
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How many people watch college football a weekend?

There are many people that watch football on Sundays. It is guessed that roughly sixty-four percent of all Americans watch NFL football on Sundays. Seventy-three percent of American men watch it on Sundays.

What percentage of Americans watch American football?

25%in America watch Football

What percent of America play or played football?

79% of Americans play or have played football.

How many people in America watch TV?

90 percent of Americans watch tv

What sport does England watch?

Football (Americans call it soccer) as well as Cricket.

What is the Percent of soccer fans vs football fans?

Worldwide, there are literally billions more people who play and watch football than those who watch American football. The US is the only country where American football is more popular than football.

When did African Americans stop playing football?

There has not been a point in time when African-Americans stopped playing football. Currently, approximately 66.3 percent of the players in the NFL are African-American.

What is the percentage of americans who watch american football?

64%, 73% of men and 55% of women.

What percent of Americans don't watch sports?

100% ;D

Where can i watch Swedish football?

Go to swedish and watch football!

Football reasons why people like it?

There are many reasons for why people watch (American) football. Americans in particular watch football because it can be a tradition for some families. Others simply enjoy the sport and watch the game.

What sport did Americans like to watch during the 1920s?

Americans did and still enjoy many spectator sports. Several include baseball, American football, ice hockey, golf and basketball.