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football (soccer for Americans) is the most played sport in the world by far. over 75 percent of the worlds populations plays football. almost every country has a football league.

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Q: What is the most popular sport world wide?
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What are the most popular sports world wide?

The most popular sport world-wide is soccer (futball, football). Other popular sports include: cricket and baseball.

Which sport has the most number of fans world wide?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. So it would be logic that soccer would have the most fans.

Do people like soccer or softball?

Soccer is the most popular sport world wide.

Which sport is most popular?

The most popular sport in the world, by a wide margin, is soccer, or "football," as it is called in most of the world. There are soccer stadiums in South America and Europe that hold over 100,000 spectators, and they are packed for every match.

What is the most popular rugby league?

NRL in Australia, is the far most popular RL world-wide, because of the amount of supports. NrL is ranked second "most popular sport'

What team sport has most world wide participation?

football is the most supported sport inthe world

What are the 2 most popular sport in the us?

um baseball an football those r lik world wide here in da us

Is softball a world wide sport?

Yes, it is world wide

What is the most popular sport watched?

Football (soccer) is the most watched sport in the world with billions of fans watching world wide. the English premier league is the most popular sporting league in the world and is home to the biggest and wealthiest team in the world Manchester United whose lead striker Wayne Rooney is the highest payed player in the English league.

Which sports have worldwide participation?

Football also known as soccer is the most popular sport. Most sport one can think of that host world cup events mostly have world wide participation. Tennis, rugby, cricket and athletics are more examples.

What are the most popular fishing magazine titles?

A few of the most popular fishing magazines are "Florida Sport Fishing," "FIshing Facts Magazine," and "Sport Fishing." All these magazines have a wide readership.

What is the most favored sport?

football or soccer with trillions of fans world wide.

Why is soccer your favorite sport?

Soccer is most definetly my favorite sport in the whole wide wide world!!!! lol! hope it's yours 2!) ==

What country's play soccer?

Nearly every country in the world has a football team. It is a very popular world wide sport.

Which is the most popular spectator sport world wide?

Dude, dude, dude, or dudet. Soccer, or futbol, is the most pop spect sprt of time :))))))))))))) <3 hope this helps......

Is lacrosse a world wide sport?

Yes lacrosse is a world wide sport it played in japan as well as Australia

Is the movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet' the most popular movie in the whole wide world?

No, Gnomeo and Juliet is not the most popular movie in the world.

How popular is World Cup soccer?

World Cup Soccer is considered the worlds most popular sport. Because it is followed in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and also large parts of Asia, it is truly a world wide spectacle.

Most popular NFL team world wide?

Oakland Raiders

What is the Most popular reggaeton song?

"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee is the Most popular reggaeton song world wide

Which sport field is the biggest out of soccer rugby or football?

soccer is by far the most watched sport of the three world wide.

Why is football popular in Malawi?

Soccer is popular all over the world, and in Malawi that is no different. It is an international sport with wide appeal to the people of Malawi, so it is very popular there.

How many people attend pro soccer games world wide?

It's impossible to get precise accounts for all the games on the planet, but it is, by far, the most popular spectator sport.

Is basketball a world wide sport?

no its in countries

Is volleyball a world wide sport?