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Pass Interference

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Q: What is Hitting receiver before the ball called in football?
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Is there a position in football called passer receiver?


When an offensive player drops the football that is called?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

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Well it could mean many things. In baseball hitting is called connecting the ball with your bat. In football it means to tackle a player. Hitting could also mean a punch.

Can you bump a recEIver before 5 yards?

Yes, this is called "jamming"

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What is the ray of light hitting a mirror called?

The ray of light hitting a mirror is called an incident ray. It represents the path that light takes before it reflects off the mirror's surface.

What is Rain droplets that freeze before hitting the ground called?

Snow, sleet or hail,

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What is it called when you move the golf club back and forth over the ball before hitting it?


What is the hitting surface of a badminton racket called?

hitting the floor

What is pass interference in flag football?

In general, interference is a deliberate act, with contact, to impede a receiver from catching a pass...or an act by a receiver to prevent defensing a pass (offensive pass interference). It is most often hitting or grabbing the receiver before the pass arrives, or a receiver shoving a defender away. If the pass has not been thrown when a defensive penalty occurs, the lesser penalty of illegal contact will apply instead. The rules are different in each level of play (high school, NCAA, NFL), as are the penalties applied.

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