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As for US universities that have polo teams, theres cornell, Harvard, Texas tech, Texas a&m, University of Texas, Oklahoma University, Uconn and Maryland also have polo teams. Cornell and A&M have the strongest polo teams and probably the best facilities. In the UK i know for a fact that Oxford, Cambridge and Warwick all have polo teams. If you're a handicapped polo player i advise you to come to UT as we kinda need players at the moment.

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Q: What Universities have polo teams?
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How many US colleges or universities play division III water polo?

For mens water polo there are 14 colleges/universities that play in division III. For women's water polo there are 19 colleges/universities that play in division III.

How many teams in a polo game?

2 teams of 4 players :)

Do Americans play polo?

yes, we do. there are alot of polo teams in bigger citys. piladelphia etc

What are the best polo teams?

Ellerstina and La Dolfina

Is water polo a sport in the US?

Yes, the USA are one of the top ten teams in the World at water polo

Who is the person who makes up the water polo teams?

the coach.

How many teams usually compete in water polo tournaments?

There is no set number of teams that can play in a water polo tournament. It varies depending on level of play and whether it is the off season or not. There will be more teams in a tournament during a season then in the off season.

Are there US colleges or universities that excell in water polo?

Yes. In these days this is by far USC!

How many people play polo?

A game of polo is played by two teams composed of three or four players per team.

Who pays polo players?

Competition polo teams usually have one or two "patrons" which are the wealthy players that pay the professionals to play on their team with them.

Do US universities play soccer?

Yes, alot of universities in the Unites States have soccer teams. In United States they have 3 tiers or divisions of competition amongst universities.

Where in the world water polo is being played?

Just like any sport,water polo is played all around the world... At the moment,all the most successful teams are from Balkan peninsula (Montenegro,Croatia,Serbia) ,alongside Hungary.Some other teams worth mentioning are Spanish & Italian national teams