Who pays polo players?

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Competition polo teams usually have one or two "patrons" which are the wealthy players that pay the professionals to play on their team with them.

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Q: Who pays polo players?
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What team sport has 3 players?

A variant of arena polo has just 3 players.

How many players are needed to play Polo?

4 players on each team, or 3 on a team for arena polo.

How many players are they on a polo team?

There are 3-4 players in each team and there are two teams in a polo game

What companies make quality boots for polo players?

Polo gear usa makes high quality polo equipment, including boots. They are high rated among polo players and competitively priced.

What do the polo players hit in a game of polo?

They hit balls

How big is the water polo pool?

womens water polo players play in a 25 metre pool and mens water polo players play in a 30 metre pool

Who pays for NHL hockey players' sticks?

AnswerThe NHL pays for the Sticks and the AHL Pays for Them and ECHL Pays for all the stick for players and goalies them leagues also pays the equipment to.http:/allabouthockeyequipmentzperiodzblogspotzperiodzcom

What does polo stand for?

Polo stands for Players Only Live Once

Does polo have anything to do with the polo shirts?

Yes. Although the "polo shirt" was originally designed for tennis players, it soon became popular among polo players as well. The name "polo shirt" became even more popular in 1972 when Ralph Lauren came out with a line of polo shirts featuring the now-famous polo player emblem.

How many players on an equestrian polo team?

4. Or 3 for arena polo.

Who pays for real Madrid's players?

Real Madrid have to pay for their players.

Who pays the NBA players?


Number of players in polo game?

Waterpolo: 6 players+ goalie, total of 7 players on each team

How many players are on a polo team?

There are 4 players on a polo team. Each player's jersey number indicates the position he or she is playing; the number 1 man plays forward; the 4 man plays back; with numbers 2 and 3 playing pivotal roles. Arena polo differs in that there are 3 players on a team, as it is played in a smaller enclosed area. A polo player's handicap is rated separately for field polo and arena polo..

Can water polo players stand in the water?


How many players are there in a team of Polo?


How many players in polo team?


How many players are there in polo team?


How many players are in a polo match?


How many players on a team in polo?


Who are the polistas?

"Polistas" is an Argentine slang word for "polo players". Polistas is also the brand name of a UK based polo heritage lifestyle fashion brand. Worn by polo players, royals and jet-set polo enthusiasts, Polistas is a leading brand in the polo world and has stores in Harrods, Westfield and Mayfair in London and multiple retail locations internationally. More information and an on-line shop can be found at

What is the only sport which bans or prohibits left-handed players?

Polo. The U.S. Polo Association banned left-handed players as of January 1, 1977 (excluding some grandfathered players, who have since retired).

Who pays for college hockey players sticks?

The players are responsible for paying for their own equipment.

Do pro baseball players pay for there own bats?

The team pays for players bats.

Who pays national football players?

Then it has to be the country.