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Q: Top ten schools with the most ncaa national championships in all college sports combined?
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What state has won back to back national championships in football with different schools?

Florida and Alabama

How many national championships in football does Alabama really have?

so first of all they don't count their national championships like any other schools they claim a lot of them.Actually, Alabama has 8, Maybe 9 LEGIT national championships they have claimed about 5 so they do not ave 13,14,15 etc they have 8-9

Who are the top three schools with the most national championships?

Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of the Florida both have 2 BCS National Championship titles. Alabama has 1, along with seven other schools.

What are the top schools for college football?

Historically, the most consistently successful NCAA Div-IA schools have been:Notre DameUSCOklahomaAlabamaMichiganOver the last few years the strongest teams have beenFloridaLSUUSCOhio StateTexasIn absolute terms, Princeton and Yale have won the most championships, but most of their championships occurred before World War I.

What Schools have multiple national championships in football and basketball?

I don't know the complete list, but I do know that Michigan State was the first D-1 university to win two championships in both basketball and football. Florida is another one.

Which football conference is strongest?

It is generally considered that the SEC (Southeastern Conference) is the strongest football conference in college football due to its consistent success in producing top teams and winning national championships. The SEC boasts strong competition and a high level of talent among its member schools.

Where is a chiropractor college in Illinois?

National University of Health Sciences and Southern Illinois University in Carbondale have chiropractic schools.

What Schools have won 2 NCAA Basketball Championships?


What coaches have won NCAA basketball championships at multiple schools?

no one

Does charter college Long Beach have regional accrediting?

No it has national accreditation by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT).

How many National Championships have the LSU Tigers won in football?

LSU has two national championships in football (1958, 2003), and will very likely have another (2007) by the time you read this. LSU has five national championships in baseball (1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000). Men's indoor track and field: 2 Women's indoor track and field: 11 Men's outdoor track and field: 4 Women's outdoor track and field:13 (The women's track teams, both indoor and outdoor, have won more national championships since 1987 than all other schools combined during that stretch. 4 national championships in Men's Golf. 1 in boxing. Total: 42 (soon to be 43)

What schools shared the 1957 College football national title?

Auburn (10-0; AP) and Ohio State (9-1; UPI)