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6 big 12 championships

The Big 12 had its first season in 1996. Previously Oklahoma was in the Big 8

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Q: How many big 12 titles has Oklahoma State won?
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How many titles did ncaa big 8 have?

For NCAA titles, Kansas has 3: 1952, 1988, and 2008. Oklahoma State has 2: 1945, 1946. This includes Teams currently in the Big 12, formerly Big 8 and Big 6.

Is Oklahoma a big state and how big?

Yes Oklahoma is a BIG state and Oklahoma is 69,960 square miles, 68,735 of which is land area. It is 230 miles wide.

How many times has the University of Oklahoma played in the national title game?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Oklahoma has won 5 Big 12 South Division championships and 4 overall Big 12 championships. Prior to the formation of the Big 12, Oklahoma played in the Big Eight Conference. Oklahoma won, or shared in winning, 32 Big Eight conference titles.

Does Kansas or Kansas State have more Big 8 titles?

Kansas has 32 titles, Kansas State has 14 titles. This includes Missouri Valley, Big 6, Big 7 and Big 8 titles. This information can be reviewed on the Big 12 Mens basketball page, in the media guide.

What college teams are in the big 12?

Texas nabraska Oklahoma Oklahoma state

Is Oklahoma better than Texas?

Oklahoma has won more titles than Texas.The Longhorns have more Big 12 titles and more championship titles.Sooners have way more national titles than Texas and we have more conference titles. We also have more BCS championship appearances and more Heisman winners.-The controversy rages on...

Oklahoma state university is in which conference?

Big 12

What is Oklahoma City's Nickname?

"The Big Friendly" or "OKC" Actually the state nickname is the " Sooner State". Go to and click on Oklahoma and it will be there.

Is Iowa state part of the big ten?

Nebraska will officially join the Big 10 on July 1, 2011.

How many big 12 titles does Texas have?

The Big XII has won 3 national championships.

What is the capital of the state that shares it's big southern border of Texas?

Oklahoma borders Texas to the south. Oklahoma city is the capital city of Oklahoma.

What are some universities that play football in the Big 12 Conference?

The Big 12 Conference is a midwest conference. Teams include Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, TCU, and West Virginia.