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Kansas has 32 titles, Kansas State has 14 titles. This includes Missouri Valley, Big 6, Big 7 and Big 8 titles. This information can be reviewed on the Big 12 Mens Basketball page, in the media guide.

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Q: Does Kansas or Kansas State have more Big 8 titles?
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How many titles did ncaa big 8 have?

For NCAA titles, Kansas has 3: 1952, 1988, and 2008. Oklahoma State has 2: 1945, 1946. This includes Teams currently in the Big 12, formerly Big 8 and Big 6.

How big is kansas state university?

it is

What are the major sports in Kansas?

Kansas and Kansas State (College) basketball is big.

What schools were in the big 8 conference?

Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

What is Kansas's state slogan?

"Kansas, as big as you think" and "There's no place like home"

How many big 12 titles has Oklahoma State won?


Has kansas state ever won a national championship?

No the Kansas State basketball team has never won a national championship. Kansas State won the Big 12 conference championship in 2013.

Who won the most big ten titles in football?

Michigan has a total of 42 shared or outright titles, followed by Ohio State with 33.

Which football team has the most conference wins in the Big 12?

Kansas state

What are the largest cities of Kansas?

Topeka is the state capital so it is kind of big

What are some universities that play football in the Big 12 Conference?

The Big 12 Conference is a midwest conference. Teams include Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Kansas State, Kansas, Iowa State, TCU, and West Virginia.

Is Oklahoma better than Texas?

Oklahoma has won more titles than Texas.The Longhorns have more Big 12 titles and more championship titles.Sooners have way more national titles than Texas and we have more conference titles. We also have more BCS championship appearances and more Heisman winners.-The controversy rages on...

How many big 12 titles does Texas have?

Texas has four big twelve titles.

How big is Kansas City in Kansas?

Not as big as Kansas City, MO. But the population is of KCK is 146866. Kansas City, MO is 475830.

What is the Kansas slogan?

Kansas, as big as you think.

What the difference between big ten and big twelve?

It's two completely different conferences. The Big Ten contains the following teams: Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. The Big 12 contains the following teams: Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Colorado, and Iowa State.

Who won the 1998 Big 12 championship?

Texas A & M defeated Kansas State 36 to 33.

How big do Box turtles get in Kansas?

The only box turtles indigenous to Kansas are the Ornate box turtle and the Three toed box turtle. They both grow to an adult shell length of 6 inches. The biggest box turtles are Gulf Coast box turtles (not in Kansas) and they can grow to 8 inches or more in length. To answer your question, the state they are in has no affect on how big they grow so if you put a gulf coast box turtle in Kansas it can still grow to 8 inches or more.:-)

Why were northerners upset when Kansas became a slave state?

Kansas didn't become a slave-state. The issue was put to a local vote, and terrorists from both sides invaded the state to try to intimidate the voters. After much violence ("Bleeding Kansas"), it became clear that quite a big majority wanted it to be a free state. It was the South that was upset.

How many different Big 12 teams have reached the final four in the league's 14 year history?

Six Big 12 teams have made it to the Final Four.Kansas (2002)Texas (2003), Kansas (2003) Oklahoma State (2004) Kansas (2008) Kansas (2012)

What state is the members of Big Time Rush from?

Logan - Texas Kendall - Kansas Carlos - Florida James - California

What are the Big 12 schools?

As of 1st July, 2012 the schools of the Big 12 conference include: Baylor University Iowa State University The University of Kansas Kansas State University The University of Oklahoma Oklahoma State University The University of Texas Texas Christian University Texas Tech University West Virginia University

What conference is the university of Kansas in?

The university of Kansas is in the Big twelve conference

Is the PAC-10 the conference of champions?

Yes it is: Please review these facts In team NCAA titles, the Pac-10 men have 61 more team titles than the Big 10 (261-200), and the Pac-10 women have 43 more titles than the SEC (117-74).

How big is Germany compared to Kansas?

The Area of Kansas: 213,068 square kms. The Area of Germany:357,021 square kms. So Kansas is about as big as 60% of Germany.