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Q: Can you drink vitamin water in college sports?
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What kind of sports drink should I drink after running?

Chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink for any type of endurance workout.

Can plants drink water from vitamin water?

yes they can drink vitamin water I dont see why not, all it would do is give the plant more vitamins...

What is Justin Biebers heathy drink?

He likes Water and Vitamin water

Can lizards drink vitamin water like SoBe?


To strengthen nerve tell your suggestion?

VITAMIN B is the thing you need to take.... especially vitamin also need to play some sports and eat nutritional food. Drink a lot of milk and water too. This will help. Mr.FOX

Is propel water healthy to drink?

Propel can be good for you in some ways. After you exercise propel hydrates you. Do not drink during a sport involved with lots of running like basketball. The acid makes your stomach ache. So in ways it is good. And some ways no.

What is justin bieber's favorite ice drink?

Vitamin Water

What should you drink after and hour of sports?


What is 50 cents favourite drink?

im guessing a vitamin water

What is Justin Bieber faviorte drink?

vitamin water and orange juice

How does a sports drink high in caffeine and sugar affect the body?

badly i highly suggest that ppl don't drink like Gatorade and energy drinks like amp monster etc. i suggest vitamin water Gatorade rots ur teeth

What is the solute and solvent of sports drink?

it's water. It's the only solvent that can dissolve the sugars and salts found in a sports drink.