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A whole lot less than soccer. But then very few sports fans in North America care about soccer anyway. But then EVERYONE in Europe care about soccer and soccer is growing a lot in the states.

It is unknown because hockey is not a well publicized sport because men's sports dominate the media. IT IS UNFAIR AND UNJUST!

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if it was up to me, all kids would have to play hockey. no questions asked!

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at least 5 000 000 people play hockey

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6,000,000,000 people play this sport

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Q: How many Canadians play hockey?
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When did the canadians start to play hockey?


What do Canadians do all day?

play more hockey...and lastly relax from the day with a little hockey

How many Canadians play for US national hockey team?

1 Paul Stastny.

Why don't they play lacrosse in winter in Canada?

that is when canadians play hockey

Can all Canadians play ice hockey?

The vast majority of Canadians , both male and female, have played hockey at some level. Hockey is part of the very fabric of our culture. Hockey is not just a sport, it is part of who we are and what we do. But, obviously, not ALL Canadians play hockey. My wife, for example, born and raised in Canada, can't even skate!!!

What Canadians do for fun?

They watch or play hockey. They go shopping. They play in snow when its winter time.

What sports do Canadians play?

don't come here and you'll find out

Are Canadians enthusiastic about football?

Many Canadians love football. It just so happens that Hockey is their main sport.

How many people currently play hockey in Canada?

According to the Hockey Canada website there are over 500,000 kids of varying ages registered to play hockey in Canada. Of course,there are many more who play hockey in local areas but don't necessarily register with official organizations. For example, there are several dozen kids in my little town who play on the local rink but are not part of Hockey Canada.

How does hockey represent being Canadian?

Canadians invented ice hockey because of canada's long winter canadians made a sport out of it

Why do Canadians not like Americans?

Not all Canadians dislike Americans. However, many Canadians get frustrated by the stereotypes that they are put under, and many Canadians are very competitive concerning athletic events like hockey.

How many canadians watch hockey night in Canada?

4 Million