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If by division one football you actually mean the Football Bowl Subdivision (at the time known as I-A), then FA Dry may be the first. He first became a head coach at Tulsa in 1972. That predates Willie Jeffries, who was the first African-American head coach at a I-A school, coaching at Wichita State in 1979.

There have been many African American head coaches at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, many of which are now at the Football Championship Subdivision (previously I-AA). Since Joe Paterno has had 111 wins vacated, Eddie Robinson is considered by the NCAA to be the winningest coach in division one football history, having started as the head coach of Grambling in 1941. Grambling is in the Southwestern Athletic Conference at the FCS level.

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Q: Was FA Dry the first minority head football coach in division one football since he was a member of the Cherokee tribe?
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