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Dalglish became player manager of Liverpool in 1985 following the Heysel Stadium Disaster and brought the team a League and FA Cup double in his first year, beating Merseyside rivals Everton in the process. During his six year tenure, Liverpool always finished either first or second in the league. He guided them to three league wins and two FA Cups from 1985--1991.

He joined Blackburn Rovers in 1991 and, through Jack Walker's patronage, he turned the Second Division side to Premier League winners, breaking transfer fee records along the way. His move to Newcastle United in 1997 was less successful. Although he finished as Premier League runner up in 1996--97, the team's league performance the following season was lacklustre and he was sacked by Freddie Shepherd at the start of the 1998--99 season. He was appointed Director of Football at Celtic in 1999 but a brief stint as caretaker manager ended in an acrimonious departure. He has not managed since 2000 and has instead focused on charitable concerns, founding The Marina Dalglish Appeal with his wife to raise money for Breast cancer.

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Q: Is Kenny dalglish a manager of football teams?
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