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i think it was Scott farly

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Q: What English football manager has managed the most teams?
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How many English football teams has Alan Pardew managed?

Alan Pardew has managed 5 football teams Reading (Caretaker manager) Reading West Ham United Charlton Athletic Southampton Newcastle United

Who is avram grant?

Avram Grant (born February 6, 1955 in Petah Tikva) is an Israeli football manager. He has managed teams in Israel, England, Serbia, and Thailand, and is currently the manager of the Ghanaian national football team.

Why was alex Ferguson so long manager?

The reason Alex Ferguson was a manager for so long was because he was good at what he did. He has managed football (soccer) teams from 1974 till present (2013).

What teams has Fabio Capello managed?

The Russian manager Fabio Capello has manged seven different teams. However, Fabio Capello managed five different teams. He has managed teams that play soccer.

What football teams has Mick Harford managed?

Michael Gordon Harford has managed only 4 teams to date (17th November 2009). He was the caretaker manager at Nottingham Forest from 2004-2005, Rotherham United in 2005, Queens Park Rangers as caretaker manager in 2007 and more recently Luton Town from 2008-2009.

Who is the Arsenals football teams manager?

Arsene Wenger

How many teams have been in the English football league?

There is 4435 teams

How many football teams has harry redknapp managed?

As of December 2013, English former footballer and current football manager Harry Redknapp has managed the following sides: 1983-1992 - Bournemouth 1994-2001 - West Ham United 2002-2004 - Portsmouth 2004-2005 - Southampton 2005-2008 - Portsmouth 2008-2012 - Tottenham Hotspur 2012- - Queens Park Rangers

How many African football players are in English football teams?


Which football managers have managed two or more teams at international level in their career?

It is Guus Hiddink.

What is Carlo Ancelotti known for?

Carlo Ancelotti is an Italian football manager. He was born in Italy and has been the manager for several football teams there including Parma, Roma, and Milan.

What county has most English football teams?