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Q: Can coaches coach while on the field for an injured player?
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What are the Asa rules regarding coaches on the softball field?

Only two base coaches are allowed on the field during play and they are restricted to the coaches boxes that are usually chocked on to the ground. The coaches from the defensive team must stay off the field. A coach can only pass the foul line if he has been granted permission by an umpire by calling time out. If a player in injured the coach must wait for the umpire to call dead ball before he can help the injured player.

Which people can call a timeout in basketball?

Any player on the field of play or the head coach of the team may call a timeout.

Are there any other coaches allowed on the field besides the 1st and 3rd base coach?

Only the first and third base coaches are allowed on the field while play is going on. If time is called the pitching coach, hitting coach or manager are allowed on the field.

What happens when player is injured in volleyball?

Normal play resumes until the coach of the injured player substitutes the injured player off the field. If the team of the injured player has already used up its substitutions, the player must play for the remainder of the match. However, if the injured player is a Libero, the player can just switch with another person on the bench without a substitution

What is the plural possessive of coach?

The possessive form of the plural noun coaches is coaches'.The apostrophe at the end of the word indicates that something belongs to two or more coaches.Example: You'll find the coaches' offices at the end of the corridor.

How many coaches is there for one rugby team?

15 on each team. Equalling 30 on the field. Plus subs, a full squad = 22.

What are the coaches names for the Seattle Mariners?

The 2008 Seattle Mariners manager and coaches: John McLaren - Manager Jim Riggleman - Bench Coach Eddie Rodriguez - First Base Coach Sam Perlozzo - Third Base Coach Mel Stottlemyre - Pitching Coach Norm Charlton - Bullpen Coach Jeff Pentland - Hitting Coach Lee Elia - Special Assistant to the Field Manager

Can an injured player wear glows in his hand in cricket?

No player wears gloves on-field except the wicketkeeper and the batsmen. If a player is injured, he is taken off-field and tended to. If he is unable to play, he is subsituted by the 12th man.

How many offensive conferenes do you get in an inning of softball?

During an inning of softball, the coach is only allowed to conference with his/her players one time. The only exception is if a player is injured. The players on the field may call time-outs, however, the coach can only conference with them once.

Who do NFL coaches talk to?

The guy watching the field from the box office above the bleachers. He lets the coach now where everybody should be going and where they are going.

Can a player on injured reserve be on the field?

It depends on the injury. Most will be in rehab.

Why do football coaches wear headphones?

To be able to communicate with coaches in the press box and in other areas of the sidelines and also, for the head coach, to call in a play to the quarterback. Does the quarterback helmet have an earphone?