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Because he had an affair with a teammates wife.

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Q: Why was John Terry sacked as England's Captain?
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Who is Chelsea the captain?

John Terry.

Is John Terry the captain of Chelsea?

He is Captain of the Chelsea team

Who is the captain of Chelsea?

John Terry - the central defence. He is the highest scoring defender for Chelsea and most succesful, except when he lost the Champions League Trophy in Moscow, v Manchester United, after slipping and putting his penalty wide. He is really good and still captain.

Who is the captain of Chelsea FC?

John terry

Since john terry has been striped of captain who is captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Who is the captain for there club and country in football?

John Terry!

Which Chelsea star is the England captain?

John Terry

Who is the captain of Chelsea football team?

John Terry

Is John Terry playing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

yes John Terry is playing for England in 2010, but he will not be captain.

Who was the England captain before john terry?

John Terry took over the captains job from David Beckham in 2006.

Who is the best England football captain?

Statistically, John Terry.

Who is Jon Terry?

John Terry is a English born footballer , he is also the captain of both England and Chelsea.