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Statistically, John Terry.

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Q: Who is the best England football captain?
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Who was the first captain in England football?

the 1st captain was mantina spencers

Who was the German football captain for England vs Germany?

Philipp Lahm was the captain.

Who is dawson?

Dawson is a England football player and captain of Tottenham Football Club.

Did ian botham captain England at football?

No. Though he did play football for Scunthorpe

Who is England football clubs captain?

Rio Ferdinand

Which England football captain did not score a goal for England?

The player is Sir Bobby Moore.

Who is the best at football England or France?


Who was the youngest England football captain since bobby Moore?

Is it David Beckham.

Name England football team's first black captain?

Paul ince

Who is world's best captain in football?

Steven Gerrard

What is the name of the best receiver the football team?

The captain

What is the name of the best receiver on the football team?

The captain