Why can't I do layups?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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you probaly have a hard time adjusting your body in the right position while sooting the ball

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Q: Why can't I do layups?
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Who in the nba is the best at layups?

I this the best player at layups is kobe

Is it legal for a basketball player to shoot free throws underhand?

it is good to use underhand layups than overhand because in overhand layups the momentum of ur body is added to ur realese so when u release the ball at a gud speed the ball often bounce of the backboard............. but underhand layups require more strength and a good height to execute it................................learn underhand layups and execute it in the game and have fun.................................

What are the release dates for Cake Boss - 2009 Liberty Layups and a Loaded Dinner 5-8?

Cake Boss - 2009 Liberty Layups and a Loaded Dinner 5-8 was released on: USA: 11 June 2012

World record for most consecutive layups made?


What 6 letter word can you make with the letters s p l a y u?


What happens when you make contact on a basketball court?

Yes you can, but you can't intentionally push someone over. Basketball, on paper, is not a contact sport, but when you actually play it, it is.

Is rajon rondo better than derrick rose?

no, even if they both have speed and layups, Rajon does not have the same amount of skill Derrick has in jump shots.

How do you get the layup right the first time?

You cannot master the layup upon your first attempt. Layups are mastered after years and years of practice. The first year will help you get the basics down; the second year will help you perfect the right or left handed layup; the third, fourth, and fifth years will help you with layups from many different angles; and the sixth year and beyond will help you with the opposite handed layup.

Why do people slap the backboard on layups?

to show that you have hops. And it looks pretty dope infront of everyone. However in highschool its pretty common. So dunking is the next focus.

Basketball drills for 11 year old girls?

Do a game 3 pointers are 6 free throw are 3 and layups are 1 try to get as many points as possible in 2min

What college basketball team only shoots 3 pointers or layups on offense and plays full court defense with a full bench rotation?

Grinnell division III school, thanks

What percent of NBA players miss their layups?

it all depends on what your position is, if you are a pg to sf, youll usually get from as low as 35% to about 50% and if your a pf to c youll usually average from 50% to about 65%