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Scott Burrell

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Scott burrell from hamden,ct.

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Q: Who is the first athlete to be a first round draft-pick of two major sporting organizations?
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Who was the very first winner of BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

I'm not entirerly sure but i know that the olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington came in 3rd and Lewis Hamilton came 2nd. This probably won't help you but what the heck... Ryan Giggs won in 2009

Who was the first athlete on a Wheaties' box?

Lou Gehrig was the first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box in 1934.

What was the first sporting event to be aired on radio?

The first sporting event to be to publicly broadcasted was a boxing match in 1921.

Who was the first duel professional sports athlete in the Unted States?

Jim Torpe was the first duel sport athlete ...

First athlete to appear on cover of time magazine?

Jack Dempsey was the first athlete to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

Who was the first pro athlete?

The First Athelte is iimpossible to answer.

Who was the first athlete to appear on Meet the Press?

The first athlete to appear on Meet The Press was Jackie Robinson on April 14, 1967.

First athlete lto wear Nike shoes?

Ilie Nastase, the first professional athlete to sign with BRS/Nike

Is Tiger Woods the highest paid athlete in the world?

He was the first Billion dollar athlete, so yes.

First female athlete on wheaties box?

The first female athlete on a box of Wheaties cereal was Babe Didrikson Zaharias. She appeared on the box in 1935.

Who was the first women athlete?

no body noes

What NBA team hired the first black athlete?

the Washington capitals hired the first black athlete. his name was Earl Lloyd, and he played his first game october 31. 1950.