Who is 49ers backup qb in 2013?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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The 49ers back up quarterback for 2013 is Colt McCoy.

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Q: Who is 49ers backup qb in 2013?
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How many Super Bowl teams was Steve Young On?

Three, all with the 49ers. He was the backup QB to Joe Montana in Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV and the starting QB in Super Bowl XXIX.

What NFL team did Steve spurrier play for?

He played for the 49ers and the Buccaneers.

Who were the patriot quarterbacks in the 70s and 80s?

The only one I know of was Danny White (#11) of the Dallas Cowboys. Steve Spurrier was the 49ers backup QB and #1 punter for the seasons 1967-1970.

Whuch former Denver Broncos wore jersey number 8?

1) Todd Husak - backup QB in 2001. 2) Gary Kubiak - backup QB to John Elway between 1983-1991 and current head coach (2009 season) of the Houston Texans. 3) Jeff Lewis - backup QB between 1996-1997. 4) Tommy Maddox - backup QB between 1992-1993. 5) Matt Mauck - backup QB in 2004.

Who was the qb for the sanfravceso 49ers be for Steve young?

Steve DeBerg.

Who was the quarterback for the 49ers in 96?

Joe Montana was the starting QB and Steve Young was the backup.

Who is Seneca Wallace?

the backup QB for the Seattle Seahawks

What is Matt cassel salary as backup qb?


Is their a QB in the nfl who wasnt the starting QB in college?

Yes. Matt Cassel was a backup QB for USC. He played behind Carson Palmer and then Matt Leinart. Even though he was a backup, he was still drafted into the NFL by the Patriots.

Who was the QB for the Skins in 1992?

Mark Rypien was the Redskins QB in the 1992 season. Cary Conklin was his backup.

Who was QB for cowboys 1980?

For the 1980 season, Danny White was the starting QB and Glenn Carano was the backup.

Is Steve young alive?

49ers QB Steve young is still alive.