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Steve DeBerg.

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Q: Who was the qb for the sanfravceso 49ers be for Steve young?
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Is Steve young alive?

49ers QB Steve young is still alive.

What sport did Steve Young play?

Young played Football (football, not soccer) as QB (#8) for the 49ers.

What qb won the Super Bowl for the 49ers?

Joe Montana (4) and Steve Young (1).

Who was the quarterback for the 49ers in 96?

Joe Montana was the starting QB and Steve Young was the backup.

Which 49ers QB holds the highest all time career quarterback rating?

it was Steve young who also won a super bowl with them

What was Steve Young's career QB rating?

Steve Young's career QB Rating was 96.8.

How many Super Bowl teams was Steve Young On?

Three, all with the 49ers. He was the backup QB to Joe Montana in Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV and the starting QB in Super Bowl XXIX.

Who are Steve young?

Gr8t qb!

Who started at QB for the San fansico and san Diego Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers: Steve Young San Diego Chargers: Stan Humphries The 49ers defeated the Chargers, 49-26, in Super Bowl XXIX. Steve Young threw 6 TD passes and was named MVP of the game.

Did QB Elvis Grbac ever won a super bowl with the san francisco 49ers?

QB Elvis Grbac was on the roster for the 1994 San Francisco 49ers, who won Super Bowl XXIX. He was the 2nd string quarterback, behind starter Steve Young and ahead of 3rd string Bill Musgrave. He never won the Super Bowl as a starting QB.

What does Steve Young and Joe Montana have in common?

Both were quarterbacks for the San Fransico 49'rs in the NFL Both were signed to play for the 49ers at the end of the 80's. Steve was the backup to Joe until Joe was seriously injured during a game, and Steve took over the starting QB job. When Joe was released by the 49ers, Steve was the #1 QB, and played as starter until he suffered one concussion too many and had to retire. Steve won the 4th Super Bowl ( first to four ) for the 9ers in 1994.

How many rings Steve Young have?

Steve Young has 3 rings. 2 as a backup QB, 1 as a starter