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Q: Who are the transportation participants?
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What is participants by Dell hymes?


How can you use the word participants in a sentence?

Participants for the reality show had to sign contracts.The hospital paid study participants only twenty dollars.All track team members were participants in the charity marathon.

Who were the participants of the Trojan war?

the participants were rome and trojan

What is the plural of participants?

The noun participants is already plural. The singular is participant.

Is there a limit of participants for events in the Olympics?

IS there a limit on the number of participants in the special olympics?

Who are the participants of system development?

the participants of System Development are;System AnalystProgrammerTechnical Specialist

How many participants took part in the inaugural event?

2,400 participants

If participants in the experimental group of a drug treatment study are much younger than participants in the control group the age of the research participants is aNo?

Confounding variable.

An . of spectators?

performers athletes participants players actors performers athletes participants players actors

What are the participants in industrial relation?

The major participants or social actors in industrial relation are workers and their unions, employers and their associations ,and government and its agencies. In the nutshell, we have workers, employers and government as the main participants.

What is the population of Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association?

Voluntary Protection Programs Participants' Association's population is 15.

How many participants joined warrior dash in 2013?

Approximately 350,000 participants joined Warrior Dash in 2013.