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kashorn walcot , oleksandr pyatnytsya and antti ruuskanen are the worlds top javelin throwers

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Q: Who are the top 3 Australian javelin throwers?
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What are the top 3 sports played in Egypt today?

Wrestling, Javelin throw, and swimming

How far do college javelin throwers throw in ivy league?

If you throw javelin fairly far, and you are a girl on top of that, you are very likely to be recruited for college. The likelihood of achieving a full scholarship, however, for just javelin, is unlikely. I consistently threw in the high 120s in high school, and was recruited by many colleges. I ended up with a 3/4 scholarship to a very prestigious NCAA Division 1 school, but I think the fact that I knew how to throw discus and shot put also helped. If you are a girl and throw javelin, there's a high chance you'll get recruited. There aren't many states that throw javelin in high school, so the pool of colleges is rather large compared to the number of elite high school javelin throwers. My advice to you is to stick with it and focus on becoming better every day. Also, be open to all of the colleges recruiting you and build good relationships with each no matter what division they are. Some D3 programs are better than some at the D1 level and sometimes they can offer more "financial aid." Good luck! --Fellow Javelin Thrower

How is the speed of a javelin measured?

The speed of a javelin is typically measured using a radar gun or a high-speed camera. The radar gun calculates the speed of the javelin as it travels through the air, while the high-speed camera captures the motion of the javelin to determine its speed.

How many syllable are in javelin?

Javelin has 3 syllable which are JA-VE-LIN

Which of these throwing events performed with a safety cage 1. Javelin 2.shot putt 3.hammer 4.both javelin and shott putt?

hammer throw

3 games they played in the early Olympics?

javelin,wrestling and long jump

What is the event called when you throw a stick as far as you could?

There is Javelin, and 3 more.

What was the wait of Daley Thompsons javelin?

until he threw it, approximately 3 hours and 2lbs.

When was the Australian flag chosen?

The Australian flag was chosen from thousands of entries in a competition held in 1901. On 3 September 1901, the new Australian flag flew for the first time from the top of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The flag was simplified, and approved by King Edward VII in 1902.

I have the javelin in Battlefield 3 and I thought you could only lock onto land vehicles but my helicopter was shot down by someone with a javelin. So whats up?

the javelin can lock on to land vehicles by itself but if a teammate laser designates it, a square with a dot in the middle will appear over the chopper/jet allowing you to lock on to them with the javelin. (you can laser designate with the recons SOFLAM and with a few vehicles perks)

What are the top five most powerful currencies?

1. British Pound 2. Euro 3. Canadian Dollar 4. US Dollar 4. Australian Dollar *the Australian Dollar and US Dollar are currently worth the same*

What are 3 rules you should abide by when throwing or retriving a javelin?

1. Don't hit your head on the pointy end 2. Make sure your hand doesn't go through the pointy end 3. Don't put corn on the cob on the javelin I am making dkikds fjdkudsfskp.