Where does donavan mcnabb live?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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pheonix He actually lives in Moorestown, NJ, I think that's the name of the town. But I'm positive it's NJ because I went to a friend's house and he lived two houses away from him.

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Q: Where does donavan mcnabb live?
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Who is Donavan McNabb?

McNabb is the starting quarterback for the Philedelphia Eagles.

How much does donavan mcnabb bench press?


Is Tony Romo Better than Donavan mcnabb?

Yes he is he has better arms than mcnabb

What NFL quarterback got traded to the Washington Redskins?

donavan mcnabb

Who has the stronger arm mike Vick or donavan Mcnabb?

Does it really matter

How much has donavan mcnabb made in his nfl career?

200 million

Should you start Brett Favre over donavan mcnabb?

yes no doubt about it.

Will Donavan McNabb stay with the Eagles for 2009?

Yes, he lead them to the NFC Championship this year.

Who was the starting fullback during Donavan McNabb's first year as a starter?

Cecil Martin

What NFL teams have had 2 black quarterbacks?

Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick and Donavan McNabb

What are the names of the 2011 black quarterbacks in the NFL?

Michael Vick, Donavan Mcnabb, Tavaris Jackson, Jason Campell

How far can donavan mcnabb throw?

FAR not just far but he is so good it keeps the spiral until it hits the ground.