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Does it really matter

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Q: Who has the stronger arm mike Vick or donavan Mcnabb?
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Donovan McNabb stats compared to mike Vick stats who's the better all around QB?

Mcnabb..... period

Who is better Michael Vick or kyle Orton?

mike Vick

Is mike vick no longer the quaterback?

Yes, Mike Vick is no longer available for the Quaterback because he re-aggravated his injury in the NFL.

Does Mike Vick have cancer?


Did mike Vick go to the Super Bowl?

no. mike Vick never went to a super bowl

Where did mike Vick go to college?

Michael Vick went to college at Va. Tech.

Who do mike Vick play for?


Why did Michel Vick go to jail?

Mike vick went to jail cause he was accused of dogfighting

How many fumbles does Michael Vick have?

seven times out of ten, when mike vick scrambles, he fumbles.

Did mike Vick reach the Super Bowl?

Michael Vick has never been to the Super Bowl.

Did mike Vick have a brother?

Marcus Vick

Why did mike vick go to jail?

Michael Vick was arrested because he made rabid dogs fight each other

What is Mike Vick 40 time?


Who will be On backyard football ten?

mike Vick

I hear it's over mike Vick signed an nfl contract today?

yes Vick signed with the steelers

What year did Mike Vick start football?


Who has Most pro bowl selections?

Mike Vick

Where did mike Vick go to prison at?

Leavenworth Penitentiary.

How much money did mike Vick owe?


Does Michael Vick have Aids?

no!!!!! That is magic Johnson!!! Mike Vick does not have aids!!

Who is the Falcons best quarterback in franchise history?

mike Vick

Why is mike Vick in jail?

He made dogs fight which kills them.

How much can mike Vick bench press?

135 pounds

What did mike Vick run on the 40 yard dash?


What day is Mike Vick getting out of jail?