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There have many pitchers who have worn #35 for the Mets: 2006-2008 Joe Smith

2004-2005 Mike DeJean

2002-2003 David Weathers

1997-2001 Rick Reed

1995-1996 Doug Henry

1993 Kenny Greer

1992 Lee Guetterman

1985 Joe Sambito

1982 Randy Jones

1981 Ed Lynch

1979 Dock Ellis

1974 Randy Sterling

1971 Charlie Williams

1967-1968 Don Shaw

1965 Larry Miller

1962 Ray Daviault

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Utility- Ron Hunt (1963-66), Clint Hurdle (1983), Andy Tomberlin (1996-97), Mike Kinkade (1998-00)

Pitcher- Chuck Estrada (1967), Bob Hendley (1967), Bill Connors (1968), Les Rohr (1969), Ray Sadecki (1970-74, 77), Mac Scarce (1975), Ken Sanders (1975-76), Pete Falcone (1979-82), Bill Latham (1985), Anthony Young (1991), Donne Wall (2001), Mike Bacisk (2002-03), Tyler Yates (2004), Jose Santiago (2005), John Maine (2006-10), Taylor Buchholz (2011)

Outfield- Dan Norman (1977-78), Bubba Trammell (2000)

Catcher- Barry Lyons (1986-90), Charlie O'Brien (1990), Kelly Stinnett (1994-95), Tim Spehr (1998), Mike DiFelice (2005)

First Base- Eddie Murray (1992-93)

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1962-- Pitcher Dave Hillman

1963-- Outfielders Jimmy Piersall and Cleon Jones

1964-- no one

1965-- Pitcher Dennis Musgraves and Outfielder Cleon Jones

1966-- Pitchers Gerry Arrigo and Nolan Ryan

1967-- Pitchers Cal Koonce and Jack Lamabe

1968-1969-- Pitcher Cal Koonce

1970-- Pitchers Danny Frisella and Cal Koonce

1971-1972-- Pitcher Danny Frisella

1973-- Pitchers Bob Apodaca and Phil Hennigan

1974-1977-- Pitcher Bob Apodaca

1978-1980-- no one

1981-- Pitcher Dave Roberts

1982-- Outfielder Rusty Tillman

1983-1984-- Catcher Junior Ortiz

1985-1986-- no one

1987-1989-- Coach Sam Perlozzo

1990-- Pitcher Julio Valera and Infielder Mario Diaz

1991-- Pitcher Julio Valera

1992-- Utility Player Chico Walker

1993-- Pitcher Kenny Greer and Utility Player Chico Walker

1994-- Pitcher Frank Seminara

1995-- Pitcher Blas Minor

1996-- Pitchers Blas Minor and Ricky Trlicek

1997-1998-- Coach Bob Apodaca

1999-- Pitcher Chuck McElroy and Coach Bob Apodaca

2000-- Pitchers Jerrod Riggan and Dennis Springer

2001-- Pitcher Tom Martin

2002-2003-- Pitcher Pedro Astacio

2004-- Pitchers Kris Benson and Ricky Bottalico

2005-- Pitcher Kris Benson

2006-- Pitchers Jorge Julio and Mike Pelfrey

2007-present-- Pitcher Mike Pelfrey

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Jason Phillips and brian schneider

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Nolan Ryan

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Q: What players wore the number 23 for the mets?
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