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Q: What percentage of sport wages are footballers?
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Who is the highest weekly wages paid in footballers?

Samuel eto

Are women footballers paid the same as men footballers?

No, unfortunately the huge wages enjoyed by male footballers is no where near what female footballers are paid. Some male footballers would be on £100,000 a week, women might be getting £500 at best. It is because there is very little money in the women's game.

Why are certain footballers on a higher wage?

They are better players. They play for big teams that can afford high wages.

Should soldiers get paid the wages of footballers?

Footballers should Not Get Paid More Then Soildiers Because All The Footballers Are Doin Is Runnning Round a Pitch And The Soilders Are Actually Risking There Lives So They Sould Get More Money For It !!

What do you call a group of footballers?

A group of footballers is typically called a team. They work together to play matches and compete against other teams in the sport.

Sports should be played for sports and not for Money?

nah it should be played for money its a job but not the wages footballers are on now

What percentage of wages is withheld from your pay check for taxes by the Arizona state government?

It depends on your gross earnings; The new withholding tables are based on a percentage of gross taxable wages. "Gross taxable wages" is the amount that meets the federal definition of "wages".

Why nurses earn lower wages than footballers that play for the top premiership clubs?

Because there are a lot more nurses than top footballers. And football draws a huge crowd while not many would pay to see a nurse work.

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What is the collection for footballers?

Collective nouns for footballers are a team of footballers or a squad of footballers.