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need to running fast

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Q: What is capabilities would an athlete need?
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What nutrients would a endurance athlete need?

vitamin C is must needed.........

What does dreaming of an athlete mean?

There are too many variables to suggest any interpretation. Dreams of a victorious athlete would have a very different meaning from dreams of a defeated, exhausted or struggling athlete. Very generally, the athlete might represent the sort of effort you need to invest in your current situation.

What sort of diet does an athlete need?

I think the athlete needs a healthy diet

Why we need arts in education?

To stop searching for truth and beauty would be to deny a large part of our capabilities

I already have a router, can I add a wireless router to it to get WIFI or would I need a bridge?

If your router does not have wireless capabilities, you will need to add a bridge to get internet.

How can you design a shoe for an athlete?

Well, it would be pretty hard to design a shoe for a professional athlete, but I guess if you had a design that a shoe company liked, and you knew an athlete, you might be able to get that athlete to send it to a brand and they could say:A shoe from _____(shoe company) for ______(your athlete) designed by ______(your name).But if you didn't know an athlete, you would probably have to send the design to the shoe company then they would send it to the athlete.

A French athlete?

What specifically would you like to know about a French athlete?

Why would and athlete be desconsolate after a big game?

An athlete would be disconsolate after a big game as a result of failing to win.

If you were an athlete who would you be and why?

a runner

Do you need to go to college to be an athlete?

No, not really but about 1 in 100 become an athlete without going to college.

Why athlete need more energy than average adults . what an adults does?

because athlete has to burn calories

What training do you need to be a professional athlete?

a lot