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Minnesota Wild-NHL Team

Minnesota Twins-MLB Team

Minnesota Vikings-NFL Team

Minnesota Timberwolves NBA

Minnesota Lynx WNBA

Saint Paul Saints American Assoc. Baseball

Fargo Redhawks American Assoc. Baseball

Minnesota Swarm National Lacrosse League

Minnesota Vixen Women's Pro Football

NSC Minnesota Stars USSF Div 2 Soccer

Minnesota Lighting W-league Soccer

Former Pro teams

Minnesota North Stars NHL

Minnesota Lakers NBAl

Saint Paul Saints WHL

Duluth Eskimos NFL

Minneapolis Redjackets NFL

Minnesota Ripknees ABA

Minnesota Muskies ABA

Minneapolis Millers Minor league Baseball Triple A (10 League and 2 JR World Series Titles)

Minnesota Pro teams have a combined 26 World, 31 League, and 68 Division Titles if you include world titles after the teams have moved 12 more could be added

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Larry Fitzgerald, Marion Barber III, John Madden, Roger Maris, Joe Mauer, Kevin McHale, Bronko Nagurski

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Many sports are played in Minnesota but Hockey is huge. Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and others are also played.

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In 2012 Minneapolis petitioned the MLS (Major League Soccer) officials to expand and include the Minneapolis Vikings as an official team on their roster.

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The Minnesota Twins

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Q: What famous athletes are from Minnesota?
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