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whats a famous woman athlete

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Q: Do famous women athletes play lacrosse?
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Should women be allowe to play mens lacrosse?

No that is what Women's lacrosse is for as a 5 year lacrosse player I do not suggest women play men's lacrosse. it's called men's lacrosse for a reason. Women's lacrosse isn't for men neither should men's be for women. Lacrosse is an extremely dangerous sport women should play with women.

Who is the best college women's lax player?

Many women play lacrosse, but there is no best player. And YES to all you men out there women can play lacrosse so don't be sexist and say "women can't play lacrosse" because they can!

Do 72000 male athletes play lacrosse in high schools in the US?

Yes they do.

Did women play lacrosse in the 1500's?

No, women were still unequal to men at that time and did not allow them to.

What famous athletes play in Spain?

Fernando Alonso. He was the most famous Formula One Driver

What did they use to play lacrosse?

To play girls lacrosse, you need lacrosse goggles,a girl's lacrosse stick, and a mouthguard.

What sport do women play?

Women play softball , soccer, lacrosse, even football. Just whatever sport they would like to play. Gender doesn't matter. Thank You!

In what countries where both men and or women play lacrosse?

Canada, United States, France.-laxgirl18

Why do iroquois women play double ball?

because it helps the women and its a very few game that lets women play, women aren't allowed playing lacrosse or snow snake because it affects when they have a baby...

What percentage of Americans play lacrosse?

75% of Americans play lacrosse.

How do you play girls lacrosse?

The same way you play boys lacrosse

What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

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